Ermanno Scervino

Ermanno Scervino has learned everything from the great masters of Italian fashion and luxury. Started with sophisticated techniques, he works the finest materials, combining them in a new, precious and glam way.

After years of experience and professional growth, he creates his own brand, completely self-financed, to express another taste for architecture: that of the body. It immediately offers original ideas with a “sport-couture” spirit from which evening down jackets are born, screwed like guêpières, refined, rare and precious like lingerie.

The elite boutiques want the garments of this new designer that reflects the desire of the moment, an innovative, emancipated luxury, without preconceptions in the face of unexpected combinations of materials and cuts. His sartorial technique applied to sportswear seduces at first glance. The unmistakable style of Ermanno Scervino was now launched.